It Is Better To Give Than It Is To Receive

Raise Funds With Karatbars

World of Charity

World of Charity

Fundraising with Karatbars – Gold Ownership for Churches, Charities, and Non-Profit Organizations

Karatbars has an outstanding reputation as one of the top 1.5% of all German companies. It has over 800,000 affiliates in 140+ countries with major partnerships in companies like FedEx, MasterCard, Moto GP, and Real Madrid (Soccer Organization).

With Karatbars you can raise funds for your charitable organization by becoming a business partner and promoting gold ownership to your congregation or customers. It does not matter if your organization is big or small as we have licensing agreements with many smaller charities as well as the Vatican itself. This is another great sign of the credibility Karatbars possesses.

The company’s mission is to produce the highest quality gold available in the market, make it easily accessible to the masses of people around the world, at a price point anyone can afford. In support of this mission statement all Karatbars gold cards, no matter what their size or denomination, contain 999.9% pure 24-karat Gold Bullion from an accredited LBMA gold refinery. These gold cards also support a host of DNA security features, serial numbers, and certificates of authenticity to ensure it is the best quality gold you can buy.

Karatbars already has its own World of Charity Foundation within the company and is now spreading the word with its many customers and business partners all around the world.

It Works, If You Work It

It Works, If You Work It

If you are the leader of a church or charity, for example, you would simply register here for your FREE account and then promotes your organizations' personalized link to your congregation and customer base.

When they register and buy gold products your organization will earn a small commission. All deliveries take place through FedEx and customer support is handled with Karatbars. Your organization’s commissions will be paid via your very own Karatbars “Private Label” MasterCard.

There are no subscription fees or additional charges, no cost for any of the accounts, and all gold is vaulted and stored free in Germany until requested. All transactions and accounts are handled in your very own back office where you will be able to view and/or print each of your transactions for transparency.

In conclusion, if you had 200 parishioners saving $50 per week that would equal $40,000 per month saved. Your organization’s commissions on that would be approximately 3.5% (rising to a maximum of 6%) which would give your select charity organization an infusion of approximately $1400 to $2400 per month.

Remember, your congregation would not actually spending anything! They would simply be changing/converting their paper currency into GOLD and saving money each month. Please feel free to email for more information.

Final Personal Note

Final Personal Note

The earth has enough resources to feed the world population of today more than seven billion people. Why one-half of humanity starves and the other half enjoys their prosperity is nothing more than a distribution problem. Gold is a strong symbol of character because it has been mankind’s most important method of payment and exchange. So it is critical for me to contribute and to address the problem of imbalance through the power of gold. The World of Charity project is my labor of love. Every little puzzle piece is important in order to finish the whole picture.

The world is beautiful when we see it this way. Life is wonderful if we live like this. Friendships, love, and health are the foundations of a fulfilling life. As long as we focus our attention on war, poverty, and hunger the world will experience more wars, more hunger, and more misery. If we start today and concentrate on peace, wealth, and abundance for all, the world will change for you, for me, and especially for our children and in turn, their children. The World of Charity principle lives within you. With your commitment and your energy, we can create anything we desire beyond all limitations.

— Harald Seiz, CEO